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After a few years filled with more adventures exploring Victoria and the more local northern New South Wales coast, we got married and took off to the USA for another epic theme park extravaganza week – this time fulfilling our lifelong dream of visiting Disneyland, as well as Disney California Adventure and Sea World San Diego – capping it off with two nights in Las Vegas.

We thought that we loved adventures before, but after our first time overseas, that travel bug bit us hard!  Of course, we aren’t in a position to be able to travel full time (yet!!!!).  However, we are so so blessed to live in what we would argue is the top spot in Australia, nestled in the Gold Coast Hinterland, southeast Queensland.  From here we have easy access to the Gold Coast with its many theme parks and attractions, as well as northern New South Wales, Brisbane, and the Sunshine Coast.  Our favourite thing to do is jump on Greg’s motorbike on the weekend and explore the amazing attractions, food and natural beauty that southeast Queensland and northern New South Wales have to offer.  We believe that you can stay local and still feed your wanderlusting spirit.  There is so much to explore and experience in your own backyard (while you’re planning your next trip abroad).


What started as a sort of “public diary” for our many adventures, especially geeking out over our theme park experiences, kind of snowballed into a site where we wanted to provide other traveling couples like us with useful, practical travel guides, tips and tricks.

As we live in southeast Queensland, Australia, only 20 minutes’ drive from the Gold Coast, you can expect our blog to have a distinct Queensland flavour to it, especially at first, though we plan to stretch out the scope with time, expanding out into the world arena.

You can expect us to document the world around us as we explore it: the food we eat, the people we meet and the places we fall headlong in love with.  We will share with you all the cool things we find along the way.  We will give you honest recommendations on the many resources we use for travel: where we book our tickets, where we book our hotels, flights and buy our equipment. 

You can expect our total dedication to providing information that is honest, informative, objective and transparent.  So yes, while we do have affiliate connections and will do sponsored posts and collaborations from time to time (hey, those churros at Movie World don’t pay for themselves), the opinions reflected on this site are ALWAYS strictly our own and we strive at all times for total integrity in our content.

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Hello and welcome

Why don’t you make yourself a cuppa and settle in?

I’ll give you the grand tour…

My name is Rhi and the handsome bearded fellow standing next to me at Disneyland is my husband, Greg.  We met through mutual friends and formed an instant connection.  We discovered early on that we both loved going on adventures and exploring.  We took our first holiday together six months after we started dating, a road trip from Queensland to Victoria to visit my folks, then back again.  Not long after that, we opted for a staycation– and spent our week off work in our home city of the Gold Coast, having an epic theme park extravaganza week at Dreamworld, Movie World and Sea World.

Travelling and exploring the world is what we love to do most.  When we’re not on Greg’s motorbike exploring or playing with our menagerie of furbabies, we’re drinking bottomless cups of coffee on our patio planning our next grand adventure.  We’re currently planning a trip to Tasmania this year, a trip to Japan in December 2019 and after that… who knows?  Singapore, perhaps?

Once you have travelled, the voyage never ends, but is played out over and over again in the quietest chambers. The mind can never break off from the journey.
— Pat Conroy
  at Disneyland on our honeymoon, 2015

at Disneyland on our honeymoon, 2015


We learned some pretty valuable lessons about life in the last few years: especially that life is short.  Tomorrow is NEVER guaranteed.  If you wait for the perfect time to do all the things in life you said “someday” to, like traveling the world, fulfilling your lifelong dream of visiting Disneyland or even getting up the nerve to ride that rollercoaster, it may never come.  The perfect time to do what you always wanted is now.

Greg and I have a shared passion for experiencing everything life has to offer and seeing and doing as much in this crazy world as we possibly can.  Our vision for this website is that it will reflect our philosophy and be at once fun, entertaining, and at times a little goofy (pun intended).  We hope that we can fill it with inspiration, information and valuable tips for couples who are planning their own adventures… whether it’s an epic trip overseas or exploring the attractions in your own local area.  We hope we can inspire others to embrace their own inner child, immerse themselves in imagination… and enjoy the ride.

Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t slow down once in a while, you could miss it.
— Ferris Bueller

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