Affiliate Disclosure

You may have already suspected it by now, but some of our pages use affiliate links.  There’s nothing worse than feeling like a blog you’ve followed and trusted for a while is nothing but a sellout.  It’s like somebody taking out all the red skittles and replacing them with red M & Ms – it’s still probably tolerable, just that it kind of ambushed you when you weren’t expecting it and now you have trust issues, so we want to be totally transparent with you about our affiliate policies from the start.

Affiliate links are what keep Travel Popcorn’s heart pumping and are part of our business model.  The affiliate links we use on some of our pages earn us a small commission on any purchase you make from that link through our website at no additional cost to you.  Theme Park Junkie is our passion project and so every purchase made through those affiliate links not only help us to keep TPJ alive but also enable us to continue to grow and expand and fill it with more awesomesauce value for you guys.  For that reason, we are more appreciative of every purchase made through our affiliate links than you could ever know.

With that being said, we will ONLY work with brands, companies and organisations with whose philosophies we are aligned, whose services and products we genuinely feel are of high quality and will serve you and/or that we have personally tested out, used and love, and we hope that you enjoy your experience with them as much as we have.  We may do sponsored posts or collaborations from time to time but our views and opinions will always remain our own and we will always write with integrity.

Please bear in mind that the companies we work with are completely independent from us and we have no say in their policies or decision-making processes.  Therefore, we cannot be responsible for the actions of any of our advertisers or affiliates.  If you purchase a product or service from any of our sponsors or affiliates that unfortunately does not meet your expectations, you must contact the affiliate directly to solve your challenges.

If you have any further queries about our affiliate policies at all, please get in touch.


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