Remove your anxiety about travel and explore the world without draining your batteries and energy

Yay!  You’ve finally booked your dream trip!

And now the travel anxiety sets in.

Flying makes you anxious as hell.

You feel so triggered when you’re out of your comfort zone, even though you dream of going on your own adventures and exploring the world


Your mind is swirling with 1000 “WHAT IF” Questions…

What if you forget to pack something important?
What if you get a tummy bug?
What if your flight gets cancelled?

And travelling as an introvert has its own set of challenges...

As much as you love new adventures it can be so incredibly draining!

Travel would be far more enjoyable to you if you didn’t have to make small talk with a bunch of new people everywhere you went

And what’s worse, it feels like everyone ELSE you meet on your travels is an outgoing, exuberant social butterflies and you feel like the odd one out for needing to take rest days

But what if I told you:

  • There is a way to travel that actually makes you feel calm and energised?

  • There were workarounds and ways to manage the things that made you anxious?

  • You could have a balanced vacation with plenty of time for yourself and still sharing your adventures with others?


this is why we created DON’T PANIC

The Anxious Introvert’s Guide to Travel

We have included 70+ simple, actionable tips to help you go from anxious to calm and from drained to recharged, whether you’re in the planning stages of your big trip, or on the go.

We will show you:

  • How your anxiety is actually your  travel SUPERPOWER and makes you a safer traveller

  • How to recharge your batteries after a long day of sight seeing so you can wake up refreshed, recharged and ready to explore again tomorrow

  • How to make your next flight as stress-free and relaxed as possible, including navigating the chaos of airports and your flying anxiety

  • How to turn any hotel room into a sanctuary for relaxation

  • What to do in a panic attack situation, no matter where you are in the world

This book is most likely NOT for you if:

  • You could comfortably watch a show like Air Crash Investigations the night before your flight

  • You ARE the chatterbox on a long haul flight

  • There is nothing like the thrill of planning a trip

  • You can’t understand why your travel partner doesn’t want to come out and explore the nightlife with you after a day of exploring temples

This book is for you if:

  • You’re a nervous or anxious flyer

  • The idea of being seated next to a chatterbox on a long haul flight fills you with terror

  • You are anxious and scared about your upcoming trip

  • You’re a solo female traveler who is anxious about her safety

  • You feel like the odd one out for needing time and space to recharge your batteries after a day of sightseeing

  • Group travel, family vacations, or tours are a lot of action packed fun but you struggle to sneak away for “me” time


We really believe that these tips can help any anxious and introverted traveler to have a more calm and restorative holiday - the way travel is supposed to be. That’s why we’ve made this completely FREE for new subscribers.

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