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We show Millennial couples how to break free from their limitations and embrace a life of travel. We provide actionable tips and comprehensive travel guides to help them make travel easier.

We write for couples aged between 25 - 44 who dream of being able to cast away their shackles of anxiety and need for certainty to travel full time.

Email list: Our small but engaged email list has a 31% open rate - much higher than the average 24.9%

Facebook: 12.5% monthly growth rate
Pinterest: 397,600+ monthly views
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Twitter: 31% monthly growth rate

We love to work one on one with brands to create content that resonates with our readers and is inspiring, informative, and aligned with our values. We are able to create unique travel guides and provide reviews or sponsored content.

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This blog is our passion project. We love what we do and we take it seriously. We work very closely with you to ensure that we understand your needs, your company’s brand, and goals and use those to come up with a bespoke package tailored to both fit your needs and resonate with our readers.

We are able to work flexibly with a wide range of budget capacities and campaign needs to come up with a package that is perfect for you.

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